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Vedic Math

Introduction : Vedic Mathematics is a system of mathematics that originated in ancient India, primarily based on the Vedas, which are ancient Hindu scriptures. It offers techniques that are easy to understand, apply, and remember, making mathematics more accessible to…

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Madhubani art

Introduction : Madhubani art, also known as Mithila painting, originates from the Mithila region of Bihar, India. Traditionally practiced by women, this art form holds deep cultural significance, often used for rituals, ceremonies, and festivals. Madhubani art typically depicts nature,…

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Master in Mandala Art

Introduction : Mandala art is a form of geometric and symbolic art that has its roots in various cultures around the world, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Native American traditions. The word “mandala” originates from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit,…

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Doodle Art

Introduction : Doodle art is a spontaneous and often whimsical form of drawing that involves creating small, simple, and repetitive designs, typically without any predetermined plan or purpose. Doodle art involves creating these spontaneous drawings intentionally, as a form of…

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